How can one enter Nepal?

You can either fly or take overland option to enter Nepal .

By Air , Tribhuban International Airport (TIA) is only international airport in Nepal. TIA has link with Europe , North America ,Gulf Countries , India , China , Bangaladesh , Thailand , & Bhutan .

  • From European cities you can take Turkish Airlines which is being popular for the prices &connections. The other airlines like Qatar Air , Etihad Airlines , Air Emirates that have links with all most all the European cities with Kathmandu .
  • From Canada & USA , Kathmandu is connected through gulf countries by Emirates , Qatar Air , Turkish Airlines , Etihad Airlines & many others .
  • Gulf country cities ; Dubai, Abhudhabi, Doh & Muscat are linked with Kathmandu by Qatar Air , Oman Airlines , Etihad Airlines , Fly Dubai , & Air Arabia .
  • Indian Cities that have regular flights to /fro Kathmandu are Delhi , Kolkotta , Mumbai , Bangalore .
  • China ‘s four Airlines are operating regular flights to Kathmandu , they are China Southern , Air China , China Eastern & Sichuan Air connecting Guangzhou , Kunming , Lhasa & Chengdu directly with Kathmandu .
  • From Bangaladesh , Dhaka –Kathmandu flights are operated daily by Biman Bangladesh Airlines
  • From Bhutan , Druk Air operates daily flights to Kathmandu , Bhutan Airlines has also daily flights except Friday .
  • National Carrier , Nepal Airlines connects Kathmandu with Kualalampur , Hongkong , Delhi , Mumbai , Bangalore , Bangkok regularly .
  • Thai Airlines has been continuously operating since last 25 years , linking Kathmandu with Bangkok .

For overland entry , you can enter Nepal  through these  main border towns :

  • Bhairahawa , Rupandehi district ( Southern Border)
  • Birgunj , Parsa District ( Southern Border )
  • Kakarvitta , Jhapa District ( Eastern Border )
  • Rasuwagadhi  , Rasuwa District ( Northern Border )

Who mostly travel overland to Nepal?

Indian travelers can enter from any part of the border as per their convenience of transportations. Chinese overland travelers mostly enter from Kodari border. Foreigners generally enter as here :

1)Travellers who travels to Dajeeling & Sikkim & eastern region of India & want to come to Nepal they enter through Kakarvitta .

2) Travellers who would like to travel through Tibet enter through Kodari to Nepal .

3) Travellers who visits Varanasi in India  & then combine Nepal would enter from Bhairahawa .

Entry points are as below:

  • Sunauli –Belahia – Bhairahawa (Rupandehi, Western Nepal)
  • Birgunj, Parsa (Central Nepal)
  • Kodari, Sindhupalchowk (Northern Border)
  • Mahendranagar-Western Nepal
  • Rashuwagadi, Rashuwa (Northern Border)
  • Jamunaha, Nepalgunj (Banke, Mid Western Nepal)
  • Gaddachauki, Mahendranagar (Kanchanpur, Far Western Nepal)

Can I get Nepal visa on arrival?

Yes, you can get visa on arrival. You will have to fill out the visa application form that would be available at the immigration desk at Kathmandu Airport or any other points of entry to Nepal or you can download the tourist visa application form from website http://www.nepalimmigration.gov.np. It is advised to carry 2 passport sized photographs & minimum 6 months valid passport. You can make ready of the USD cash change US $ 25 for 15 days Visa, US$ 40 for 30 days Visa &US$ 100 For 90 days Visa

Is the country politically safe and stable?

Yes , it is safe & stable .Nepal is preparing for promulgation of New Constitution on 20th of September ,2015. Some minorities in southern part are protesting , but that will not last for longtime . These agitations are normal one, they would not affect tourist movements in touristic areas & trekking routes.

What is the time difference in Nepal and what’s the phone code?

Nepali time is GMT/UTC plus 5 Hours 45 minutes. Phone code for dialing to Nepal is as here :

Country Code: 977 , Kathmandu City Code: 1 (e.g. 977 1 4423599) First three digits is the country code, second is the area code and the last digits are telephonelandline numbers.

When is the best time tovisit Nepal?

Any months from September to May are good for visiting Nepal. October and November are considered the best time of the year. The main festivals of Dashain and Tihar (greatest Hindu festivals) fall during these months. February-May is also good time for travel, as you will see rhododendron bloom.The sky will remain clear and pleasant temperature.

How do I transfer from the Airport to hotel?

Plan Holidays Airport Representative will come to the airport to pick up you with your name card just look outside main airport terminal , somebody will be displaying your name printed paper then you will meet with our representative and you will be transferred from our private vehicle to hotel.

What are the best times to come on a trek/tour/expedition?

September till November & March till May are best time for trekkers.

Are there ATM facilities in Nepal?

Yes there are. They are mostly available in Kathmandu , Pokhara , Chitwan & some other cities like Lumbini , Biratnagar , Bhairahawa , Birganj . Please note that ATMS are not available in the mountain .

What are some basic Nepali customs that I should know about?

There could be a long list of the customs. Generally it is given most significant ones here .

  • Say “ Namaste “ to anybody as greetings of morning , day or evening
  • While taking picture ,please ask for permission
  • It is better to use long-sleeved or short sleeve tops & trousers while visiting temples & monasteries
  • Take off shoes to enter any houses /Temples /Monasteries
  • Use right hand to give anything to people
  • Blowing nose in public is regarded not good, so please do it quietly.
  • Please do not distribute chocolates /sweets to children during your trip , better give that to teacher or parents
  • You might see boys& girls walking hand in hand or arm around arm together , that is quite normal it does not mean otherwise.
  • Life is kind of laid back in Nepal , so do not expect things to happen in time . There might be some delays in delivering the services .

What do I need to bring for Trekking?

A list of trekking gears would be provided separately .

Is there any communication while we are on trekking?

There are telephones service in all trekking routes and internet service in Everest, Annapurna and Langtang areas.Ncell local mobile sim card could be set in your mobile also

Can I re-charge camera batteries along the trek?

Yes, Most of the places, you can charge batteries along the trek (per hour USD 2-3 for charging).

Does Plan Holidays accept credit cards?

Yes, Plan Holidays accept credit card (Visa and Master) but 4% will be extra charged. You will have to send us copies of the both sides of the credit card , a claim letter declaring about the payment with signature( format will be sent to you ) , & a passport copy

What will happen if I get sick on the trek?

Either you will get better, or if it seems serious we will evacuate you with Helicopter and will be taken to Hospital in Kathmandu where you’ll get excellent attention. Our crew is well versed in medical and emergency care and carry a reasonably comprehensive first aid kit

What arrangements for drinking water are made while on trek?

You should bring a one-liter water bottle with you on the trek. We prefer that you purify water yourself using iodine in order to save scarce fuel. You can also buy mineral water if you trek areas like Annapurna, Everest and langtang.

How can one enter Nepal?

You can either fly or take overland option to enter Nepal By AirTribhuban International Airport (TIA) is only international airport in Nepal. TIA has link with Europe , North America ,Gulf Countries , India , China , Bangaladesh , Thailand , & Bhutan .

Could I trek without a guide?

You could, the area is very safe and in most cases navigation is relatively easy-however with a guide you will get more out of the experience. Having someone with you that knows the local customs and language helps you interact with people you meet in remote villages, and shows that you respect their culture. You will enjoy the trip much more .