Mount Kailash, the sacred mountain, Hindus take this  as the original abode of Lord Shiva, to Buddist it is Mount Meru birthplace of Cakrasamvara, the supreme bliss, to jain it is the place where Tirthankara attained the moksha

Pilgrimage to this sacred land has become very popular to the nonreligious people also. Every year there are many pilgrims & travelers they visit the sacred mountain & make the Kora of 52km long in 2-3 days. It is the journey of a lifetime to ” Navel of the earth” as it is said by many religious texts, & place of purity, Divinity & one can get rid of sins once visited here in his/her lifetime. In this trip, the Guge Kingdom, Everest Base camp & central Tibet has been included. So it is a package of all tibet. Guge kingdom with Tholing & Tsaprang ruins shows the ancient civilization of 10th century when the last king of Zanda was living, it is important to trade route between India & Tibet.

Everest base camp visit is one of thirst of the travelers who would like to be in the base of the tallest peak of the World. fascinations of the Rongbuk monastery at the base at 5000m will definitely give you the purity & extreme spirituality in you by sighting the peak of Mount Everest. The visit to central Tibet Including Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse, Sakya Monastery makes it more enjoyable with the landscapes of the Yarlung tsampa river with the barren mountains. Lhasa is a capital city having the treasures of the Buddhism’s extreme development, this would be reflected in the visit of Potala Palace, Norbulikha Palace, Sera Monastery, Drepung Monastery, Jokhang Temple & Barkhor Street visit.

The trip starts & ends in Kathmandu, taking Kathmandu to Lhasa flight & tour to Tibetan land by van.  In kora, for 4 days it involves trekking including inner kora. Innerkora is one of the strenuous trekking programs to circle the mountain Kailash & Nandi in a day covering 35km walk. It has only 2 monasteries & no other human settlements during the kora. The road is rocky, iced & crevices.

Enjoy the journey of a lifetime.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01: Arrival Kathmandu (1310m/4297ft)
  • Day 02: Kathmandu Sightseeing (1310m/4297ft)
  • Day 03: Kathmandu Sightseeing (1310m/4297ft)
  • Day 04: Fly Lhasa (3656m/11994ft)
  • Day 05: Lhasa Sightseeing (3656m/11994ft)
  • Day 06: Lhasa Sightseeing (3656m/11994ft)
  • Day 07: Lhasa-Gyantse (3900m/12795ft)
  • Day 08: Gyantse-Shigaste (3900m/12795ft)
  • Day 09: Shigaste -Via Sakya Monastery-Saga (4500m/14763ft)
  • Day 10: Saga-Paryang-Chiugompa (4550m/14927ft)
  • Day 11: Chiugompa--LahamCho-Manasarovar-Hotspring-Menshi (4575m/15009ft)
  • Day 12: Mansarovar-Tirthapuri-Kunlung-Tsada(4590/15059ft)
  • Day 13: Tholing -Tsaprang -Tsada(3900m/12795ft)
  • Day 14: Tsada-Darchen ( 4,575m/15,010ft)
  • Day 15: Kora to Diraphuk (5,080m/16,666ft)
  • Day 16: Diraphuk-Zuthulphuk (4,820m/15,831ft)
  • Day 17: Zuthulphuk Rest (4,820m/15,831ft)
  • Day 18: Darchen (4575m/15010ft)
  • Day 19: Darchen-Selung Monastery -InnerKora (4575m/15010ft)
  • Day 20: Darchen-Saga (4640m/15223ft)
  • Day 21: Saga -Pelkutso -Tingri-Rongbuk (4980m/16338ft)
  • Day 22: Visit Everest Base camp -Tingri-Keyrong (5150m/16,900 ft )
  • Day 23: DRive to Kathmandu (1310m/4297ft )
  • Day 24: Departure
View Detail Itinerary

Detail Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival Kathmandu (1310m/4297ft)

Arrival Kathmandu at 08:30 Transfer to Hotel “Apsara Boutiqe”.Boudha, Pashupati, Swoyambhunath.Welcome dinner.(B/B)

Day 02: Kathmandu Sightseeing (1310m/4297ft)
Sightseeing: Bhaktapur & Patan. (B/B)
Day 03: Kathmandu Sightseeing (1310m/4297ft)
Sightseeing Zoo  & Kathmandu Durbar Square.(B/B)
Day 04: Fly Lhasa (3656m/11994ft)
Fly to Lhasa Flight 12:10 Kathmandu – Lhasa. Overnight (O/n) Hotel 4*.(B/B)
Day 05: Lhasa Sightseeing (3656m/11994ft)
Sightseeing in Lhasa: Potala, Norbulinka, Jokhang.(B/B)
Day 06: Lhasa Sightseeing (3656m/11994ft)
Sightseeing in Lhasa: Drepung, Sera, Tibetan medicine center.(B/B)
Day 07: Lhasa-Gyantse (3900m/12795ft)
Drive Lhasa – Yamdrok LakeGyantse. O/n Hotel 3*.(B/B)
Day 08: Gyantse-Shigaste (3900m/12795ft)
SS Kumbum & Pelche Chode. Drive to Shigatse. SS Tashilunpo in Shigatse. O/n hotel 3*.(B/B)
Day 09: Shigaste -Via Sakya Monastery-Saga (4500m/14763ft)
Drive to Sakya Monastery then drive to Saga.O/n hotel 3*.(B/B)
Day 10: Saga-Paryang-Chiugompa (4550m/14927ft)
Drive Saga – Paryang –Chiu Gompa. O/n best guest house near Manasarovar.(B/B)
Day 11: Chiugompa--LahamCho-Manasarovar-Hotspring-Menshi (4575m/15009ft)
SS Chiu Gompa, drive to Laham Tso.then Manasarovar , Hot spring. Then Chiu Gompa After Chiu Gompa Drive  Menshi Overnight best guest house near Manasarovar.(B/B)
Day 12: Mansarovar-Tirthapuri-Kunlung-Tsada(4590/15059ft)
Drive to Thirthapuri and Kun Lung, Visit Tirthapuri & Kunlung , drive Tsada. O/n good guest house in  Tsada.(B/B)
Day 13: Tholing -Tsaprang -Tsada(3900m/12795ft)
SS Guge Kingdom Ruins, Tsaparang, Tholing O/n in Tsada.(B/B)
Day 14: Tsada-Darchen ( 4,575m/15,010ft)
Drive to Darchen.(B/B)
Day 15: Kora to Diraphuk (5,080m/16,666ft)
KORA to Drira Phuk. O/n guest house or new hotel.(B/B)
Day 16: Diraphuk-Zuthulphuk (4,820m/15,831ft)
KORA to Zutrul Phuk via Drolma La. O/n guest house or new hotel.(B/B)
Day 17: Zuthulphuk Rest (4,820m/15,831ft)
KORA to Zutrul Phuk via Drolma La. O/n guest house or new hotel.(B/B)
Day 18: Darchen (4575m/15010ft)
KORA return to Darchen, O/n hotel 4*.(B/B)
Day 19: Darchen-Selung Monastery -InnerKora (4575m/15010ft)
Drive to Selung monastery (5 km). INNER KORA. Inner Kora cannot guarantee, depends upon local PSB decision. O/n Gang Di Si hotel (the best).(B/B)
Day 20: Darchen-Saga (4640m/15223ft)
Darchen – Saga. O/n in hotel 3*.(B/B)
Day 21: Saga -Pelkutso -Tingri-Rongbuk (4980m/16338ft)
Saga – Peiku Tso – Tingri - Rongbuk. O/n RED hotel or guest house.(B/B)
Day 22: Visit Everest Base camp -Tingri-Keyrong (5150m/16,900 ft )
Visit EBC. Return to Tingri (lunch). Drive Keyrong O/n in hotel 2 stars.(B/B)
Day 23: DRive to Kathmandu (1310m/4297ft )
Across border and exit to Nepal. Drive to hotel Apsara Boutiqe or Vaishali.(B/B)
Day 24: Departure


  • 2 night lodge at Lake Manasarovar, 3 nights hotel in Darchen4*, 2 nights guest house in Tsada 2*, 1 night guest house in Menshi.
  • Other 3 nights guest houses or NEW hotel on the way also during Kora.
  • 4 Nights in Kathmandu
  • All transportations by Van.
  • 1 English speaking Tibetan
  • Yak & yak man (1 yak for every 2 clients, 1 yak man for every 3 yaks) during 4 days KORA
  • Entry fees and necessary permits
  • China visa included
  • Tibet Permit & all other permits
  • Flight Kathmandu – Lhasa
  • Insurance for staffs ( Guide , Driver & yak men )



  • Meals other than mentioned in the Itinerary
  • Extra cost incurred due to bad weather or events beyond the human control
  • Lhasa-Kathmandu Flight
  • Tiping
  • Drinks & other personal natured expenses
  • Rescue expenses
  • Any kind of insurances
You can choose your dates at the time of booking. Thanks!

Simply put “WOW”.

Simply put "WOW". I have never met more responsible people in my life. They made sure every step of the way was taken care of from the drivers, tour guides, trek guides, porters and hotel accommodations. I highly recommend this company for its hard working, responsible and friendly people. The people make a company. Special thanks to: Anuja "the planner", Chitiz & Ashmir "the ultimate trekking guides" and finally Robin "the enthusiastic jungle bird watcher".
Nick Devincenzo,
San Diego, California

Plan Holidays did a fantastic job on our whole trip!

Plan Holidays did a fantastic job on our whole trip! We did the trip that included time in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan National Park and a 5-day trek around Annapurna. From the moment we stepped off the plane, we had guides showing us around and everything was perfectly planned for us. Maila, our trekking guide was amazing and had so much knowledge! It was a great trip!
‎Autumn Wonderlich,
Boston, Massachusetts

Incredibly well organized

This company was amazing. Incredibly well organized. I felt safe and spoiled. Our airport transports were always early and waiting for us. All of our reservations for our accommodations and busses were perfect. The temple tour we took was super fun and educational. Some of our luggage got stuck in our layover country and between this travel agency and our hotel they were able to get it for us and deliver it the next day. We also had a 10month old traveling with us and they made sure that our accommodation and travel plans were safe for him. During our 5 days of trekking, we had THE BEST guide/sherpa. I would positively let them plan another trip for us. Thank you!!!!
Karen Graves,

A wonderful trip

Thank you so much!!!! We had a wonderful trip!!! And you were always there to help or guide us as needed! I hope we can have fun together again!!!!!
Janet Spencer,
West Jordan, Utah

Nice trip to Nepal

Nice trip in Nepal organized by Plan Holidays Travel! Guide and Porter were great.  
Michael Worcestar,

Plan Holidays is the best company

Plan Holidays is the best company with wonderful staff members and Guide was incredible an genuinely cared for our welfare. It was such a pleasure to meet all the friendly and humorous people of Nepal. All of my thanks to Managing Director Mr. Kala Dhar Baral and the professional team members of Plan Holidays.  
Samuel idas,

Great Job

Plan Holidays did a great job on the organization of this wonderful journey! We all had a great time, it was such a pleasure to meet all the friendly and humorous people of Nepal.
Aleksandra Perr/Peter Babivskiy,

I had a wonderful experience

I recently booked a tour with Plan Holidays, and I had a wonderful experience. Anuja scheduled the tour, and it was comforting to have our trip covered without any concerns. Our guide Shiva took us through Kathmandu, and showed all us the highlights of the city and provided us with the cultural and historical background. We also did the Poon Hill Trek with guides Chitiz and Ashmir, who provided a peaceful hike through the Himalayas. On our last two days, we spent time in Chitwan National Park, where our guide, Robin, took us on adventures where we saw crocodiles and rhinos. The entire package was affordable, and our guides met our every need; they went out of their way for us on many occasions. It was comforting to get off the bus and see our guides waiting for us with our name tags. I would highly encourage anyone to book a trip through this company. I promise that you will have an amazing experience--five stars!
Brendan Praniewicz,
San Diego, California

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