Places of interest in Nepal

Kathmandu is home to gems such as Durbar Square (with temples dating back to the 12th century), Boudhanath Stupa(a world heritage site), Swayambhunath Stupa(World Heritage site) the Pashupatinath Temple (the country’s most important Hindu temple, on the banks of the Bagmati river), and the Royal Palace (the site of the infamous 2001 massacre of the Royal Family by the then Crown Prince, and now converted into the Narayanhiti Palace Museum). Kathmandu Valley, This verdant valley was once a huge lake, legend dictates that in the middle of the lake was a brilliant flame emanating from a Lotus flower.

People would come from miles around to wonder and worship the flame. A Chinese disciple Bodhisattva Manjushree, wishing to worship the flame more closely sliced a portion of the hills with his sword draining its waters and thus the fertile Kathmandu valley was created. The Kathmandu Valley has a traditional as well as the modern setting. Surrounded by mountains on all sides, the Valley consists of three cities of historic, cultural and political importance – Kantipur, Lalitpur (Patan) and Bhaktapur (Bhadgaon). Covering an area of 218 sq. kms, the Kathmandu Valley is situated at 1136m above sea level.

A bird’s eye view of the Capital features the city as an oval shape with the sacred river Bagmati and its tributary Bishnumati wedding towards the south. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is named after Kasthamandap, an imposing pagoda near Hanuman Dhoka Palace. Places of Interest Around Kathmandu Valley consists of great historic & cultural interest around Kathmandu, explore the many treasures of the surrounding region.

Expolre and Experience the Places of Interest Around Kathmandu Valley.

Panauti Village:
Historical place

The lovely place famous for its scenic beauty and tradition, one can have a panoramic view of the Himalayas from Karyolung in the east to Himalchuli in the west.

Best destination for sunrise and sunset view.

Bungamati and Khokana Village:
Newari settlement

Pharping village:
Best for visit.
Sankhu and Bajrayogini

Patan City:
The city is full of Hindu temples and Buddhist monuments exhibiting skillful carvings. Noted for its craftsmen and metal workers, Patan is known as the city of architecture.

A site for large-scale animal sacrifice, one can see local folk flocking with their livestock to appease and be blessed by the Goddess Kali.

is a home to medieval art and architecture. Bhaktapur means the city of devotees. Pottery and weaving are its traditional industries

Centre of the tourist hub.

Budhanilkantha Temple:
This site is a famous place of pilgrimage for Hindus. It is the most beautiful among all the stone engarvings within the Kathmandu Valley.

Swayambhunath Stupa:
One of the world’s most glorious Buddhist Chaityas. It is made of brick and clay supporting the lofty conical spire capped by a pinnacle of copper gilt.

Boudhanath Stupa:
It is colossal and ancient stupa, one of the biggest in the world, features the eyes of Lord Buddha.

Pashupatinath Temple:
Situated five kilometers east of Kathmandu on the bank of the sacred Bagmati river, the temple of Lord Shiva-Pashupatinath with a two-tiered golden roof and silver doors is famous for its superb architecture. It is a centre of annual pilgrimage on the day of Maha-Shivaratri.

Kathmandu Durbar Square:
It represents the historic seat of the monarchy where the kin

Places of interest outside Kathmandu Valley

Nepal is surrounded by a full of historic sites, ancient temples, shrines and fascinating villages.There are many beautiful and interesting places to visit outside the Kathmandu Valley- places of historical importance of noted for natural beauty. Most of them can be easily reached from Kathmandu by road or by air. Mingle with locals and animals amid monuments, or join mountain trekkers. It is the most interested tour in Nepal.

Nepal is the multicultural country. Nepal has hundreds of castes, religions and ethnic group and whole of them have their own cultural significance. Different places have its unique history one in the world. One can explore cultures in different places with different tastes. Especially, Brahmin Culture, Gurung Culture, Tamang Culture, Tharu Culture, Maithili Culture, Tibetan Culture, Sherpa Culture, Thakali Culture and Newari Culture are popular in Nepal. Places of interest outside Kathmandu Valley tours give you cultural taste and experience in different parts of Nepal which are still alive.Outside Kathmandu, is a fantastic base from which to explore the many treasures of the surrounding region. Breathtaking views of the snow-capped mountain, the daily life of people and their culture are the feature of that place.

Explore and experience.

A place of remarkable natural beauty,

Namche Bazaar:
Entrance to the Everest region,

The town with great historical significance,

Second capital of Nepal,

The birthplace of Lord Buddha,

Famous for its scenic grandeur and pleasant Places of interest outside Kathmandu valley:

A great religious place, Janakpur is famous as the birthplace of Sita,

Trekker choice, Baglung is also a good starting point for Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

Best destination for trekker, a picturesque Newari town.

view of snowfall,
For a view of the breathtaking grandeur of the world’s highest peaks from the far west of Dhaulagiri to the east of Mt. Everest

Tansen Palpa:
Tansen offers amazing views of Himalayas. is famous for Dhaka topi.

For a view of the breathtaking grandeur of the world’s highest peaks from the far west of Dhaulagiri to the east of Mt. Everest, the main attraction is Gorkha durbar and many others tourist destinations from Kathmandu.

So allow enough time to linger longer, enjoy and make a lifelong memory of this beautiful Himalayan kingdom.

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Simply put “WOW”.

Simply put "WOW". I have never met more responsible people in my life. They made sure every step of the way was taken care of from the drivers, tour guides, trek guides, porters and hotel accommodations. I highly recommend this company for its hard working, responsible and friendly people. The people make a company. Special thanks to: Anuja "the planner", Chitiz & Ashmir "the ultimate trekking guides" and finally Robin "the enthusiastic jungle bird watcher".
Nick Devincenzo,
San Diego, California

Plan Holidays did a fantastic job on our whole trip!

Plan Holidays did a fantastic job on our whole trip! We did the trip that included time in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan National Park and a 5-day trek around Annapurna. From the moment we stepped off the plane, we had guides showing us around and everything was perfectly planned for us. Maila, our trekking guide was amazing and had so much knowledge! It was a great trip!
‎Autumn Wonderlich,
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Incredibly well organized

This company was amazing. Incredibly well organized. I felt safe and spoiled. Our airport transports were always early and waiting for us. All of our reservations for our accommodations and busses were perfect. The temple tour we took was super fun and educational. Some of our luggage got stuck in our layover country and between this travel agency and our hotel they were able to get it for us and deliver it the next day. We also had a 10month old traveling with us and they made sure that our accommodation and travel plans were safe for him. During our 5 days of trekking, we had THE BEST guide/sherpa. I would positively let them plan another trip for us. Thank you!!!!
Karen Graves,

A wonderful trip

Thank you so much!!!! We had a wonderful trip!!! And you were always there to help or guide us as needed! I hope we can have fun together again!!!!!
Janet Spencer,
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Nice trip to Nepal

Nice trip in Nepal organized by Plan Holidays Travel! Guide and Porter were great.  
Michael Worcestar,

Plan Holidays is the best company

Plan Holidays is the best company with wonderful staff members and Guide was incredible an genuinely cared for our welfare. It was such a pleasure to meet all the friendly and humorous people of Nepal. All of my thanks to Managing Director Mr. Kala Dhar Baral and the professional team members of Plan Holidays.  
Samuel idas,

Great Job

Plan Holidays did a great job on the organization of this wonderful journey! We all had a great time, it was such a pleasure to meet all the friendly and humorous people of Nepal.
Aleksandra Perr/Peter Babivskiy,

I had a wonderful experience

I recently booked a tour with Plan Holidays, and I had a wonderful experience. Anuja scheduled the tour, and it was comforting to have our trip covered without any concerns. Our guide Shiva took us through Kathmandu, and showed all us the highlights of the city and provided us with the cultural and historical background. We also did the Poon Hill Trek with guides Chitiz and Ashmir, who provided a peaceful hike through the Himalayas. On our last two days, we spent time in Chitwan National Park, where our guide, Robin, took us on adventures where we saw crocodiles and rhinos. The entire package was affordable, and our guides met our every need; they went out of their way for us on many occasions. It was comforting to get off the bus and see our guides waiting for us with our name tags. I would highly encourage anyone to book a trip through this company. I promise that you will have an amazing experience--five stars!
Brendan Praniewicz,
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