10th November 2019

Tips to plan adventure holidays in Nepal

It gets a bit chaotic when it comes to planning your adventure trip. Plan Holidays addresses all your needs and hence has come up with this blog on all the tips you’d want to plan an adventure trip to Nepal. Here we give some tips to plan adventure holidays in Nepal. Happy reading!

Do a proper research about your destination

It is always a preferred idea to know what you expect from your destination. It saves your time and makes your journey even more pleasant. Doing a proper research on your destination not only helps you to set your benchmark but also helps you on what you need to pack, what precautions to take, what issues to avoid and where to start from.

Travel blogs from travelers who have visited the destination before helps a lot. Also, travel magazines and guidebooks can serve as good references.

Trust what your friends recommend. After all, you cannot avoid all the difficulties but you can surely reduce it by learning lessons from somebody else’s experiences. 

Do some research but do not expect to get all organized. Adventure trips are more fun when taken spontaneous!

plan adventure holidays

Bardia Superior Package

Pack light, pack proper

Now this is a travel tip most of the adventure travelers from all around the world look up to. Packing is an art. What you should realize is that you can always buy the secondary necessities in your destination but you should not forget the most important items while packing. First make a checklist of all the outfits, gears and equipment you would want during the journey. Then, sort out your priorities. If you don’t find something that important, don’t pack it; it’d only take up unnecessary space.

After you’re done with the checklist, get prepared with a luggage or a suitcase that best fits your travel guidelines. If you are allowed to only have a luggage weighing 20 kg, let’s say, you would not want your luggage to weigh out most of it.

The rest of the amenities that you use most of the time, like sanitize, keep it in the hand carry. It sounds simple but is effective. 

Documents and Finance

While choosing an international destination, documents and finance are something you would not want to forget because in the absence of either of these two, you’d either won’t get into or out of your destination.Before planning your trip, make sure you have all the required documents as per the country’s entry requirements. Then, check out for the currency.You should do this in your planning phase because documents require time. If you are up for some adventure sports like rafting, mountaineering, bungee jumping or trekking here in Nepal, make sure you have all the necessary permits.

Always keep copies of your important documents and some reserve cash. You never know what you will face in the destination, so be prepared for all of it. 

Packing the perfect outfits

Before you head out for a trip and plan adventure holidays, always have an idea of the weather conditions in your destination. Pack your outfits accordingly. Also, have a plan on what kind of trip are you looking out for. If you are heading for an adventurous trip, pack your outfits according to the adventure needs with proper gears and equipment. Take most of your sports wear and only a few casual wear with you.

Also, don’t forget that you would want to buy some outfits in your destination too. So make space for it beforehand and that way, you are not gonna end all messed up while returning.

plan adventure holidays

Kali Gandaki River Rafting

Always prioritize your health

Remember that even if everything goes as planned, you would not be able to make the most out of it without proper health. Pack all the necessary medicines including the medicines that you have been consuming. Make a separate space for medical kits in your luggage. Keep yourself hydrated and stay away from allergic and raw foods. 

Consider your health conditions before opting for any adventure sports. If your health does not support it, it is not worthy no matter how appealing it might seem like. 

Travel Insurance

It is always better to have proper precautions than to regret later. You are traveling somewhere outside of your comfort zone, so you should be prepared for all kind of consequences it might offer. Travel Insurance is the best idea to get you covered.

Trip cancellation insurance, travel-medical insurance and medical evacuation charges are some of the insurances that will get you all covered up. That way, you wouldn’t have to worry about not having your investment refunded or having some serious injuries. 

Choose your travel operator wisely

Last but not the least, the travel agency that you choose eventually affects your journey. While choosing your tour operator, safety and reputation should outweigh the price. With Plan Holidays, you would be able to make the best out of your trip. Owing to 20 years of a reputable establishment in the tourism industry, we assure you that you would leave satisfied and happy Tips to plan adventure holidays in Nepal. Come join us and make your adventure trip a memorable one!



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