2nd June 2019

Why Luxury Tours or Trekking in Nepal?

If you’re looking for luxury tours to Nepal then Plan Holidays is the right agency for you. We specialize in luxury tours to various destinations of Nepal. We even have luxury trekking packages to make even the strenuous of trekking activities comfortable for you.

Luxury Tours by its name is all about your comfort throughout the journey. It can be a wonderful experience of best possible luxuries throughout the trekking, hiking, and tours in Nepal. It includes the best luxury lodges in the travel destination and luxury hotels during your stay in Kathmandu. Luxury lodges are not available in all areas of Nepal, but we try our best to make your journey a comfortable one by skipping long tiring routes with the short alternative ones.

These luxury tours will have private chefs, porters, and guides whenever possible. So they are suitable for elderly and young ones too depending upon the travel destination.

A luxury holiday trip to Nepal can be a good idea for a honeymoon too, as it is all about comfort and luxury. Go ahead! book a luxury tour to Nepal to surprise your loved one.

Plan Holidays arranges some of the best luxury hotels and lodges in the trekking route of Nepal. We have a team of experienced professionals. Owing to that, Plan Holidays ensures you a determined quality service. The luxury treks are designed to help you explore the rugged paths keeping the pace of trek at the most comfortable level while ensuring your luxurious stay throughout the trek.

Everest Luxury Trek

Everest Luxury Trek is one of the famous luxury trekking activities in the Everest region of Nepal.

This trip lets you experience the glory of witnessing the world’s highest mountain while staying in the high-quality lodges of Khumbu region. The trek starts from Lukla and takes you through the less tiring path to explore the picturesque beauty of the Himalayan region.

The less exhausting journey with a comfortable stay and royal hospitality is something beyond words. Everest Luxury Trek is the trip of a lifetime. Not only during the trek but also on your arrival at Kathmandu, you would be warmly welcomed at the most bona fide and architectural heritage hotel, hotel Yak and Yeti.

Are you ready to take on this adventurous trip to Everest along with our knowledgeable expedition guide? Join us on this journey and explore the hidden secrets of the Everest region in the most comfortable way possible.



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