25th December 2018

Why should you visit Nepal 2020 for your next trek?

Nepal has been known as the Himalayan Shangri-La for centuries. The sheer tranquility of this country is bound to have a positive effect on anyone that is lucky to experience it. The mountains, the landmarks, the people all are the epitome of the haven you are searching for. Here we present five points on why should you visit Nepal trek for your trip.

It is highly affordable

At the time of writing this blog, USD $1= 115 Nepali rupees. I think that alone sheds a good amount of light on how cheap is it to travel in Nepal. It may be hard to believe, but you can easily live off $10 even in Kathmandu. On top of that, due to cut-throat competition among travel agencies, you can find good bargains and deals without any difficulties. It becomes even more easier to land these offers if you are travelling with a group. Thus, when we combine the experiences Nepal has to offer and the bucks you will be paying, it won’t be wrong to say that this country is a backpacker’s heaven. However, if you are on the affluent side, there are still plenty of luxurious and premium hotels of international standards.

It is a trekker’s paradise

The lowest elevation (59 m) and highest elevation point (8,848 m) are just 200 kilometers apart in a straight line. Now you can just imagine the staggering geographical diversity Nepal boasts off. On top of that, it is home to one-third of the Himalayan strip with many eight-thousandths to call its own. These are just few of many amazing facts that make Nepal the number one trek destination in whole world. Literally, there are hundreds of great Himalayas trails to choose from in more than a dozen regions. There is something for everyone – from a first-time trekker to the most seasoned ones. That is why, hundreds of thousands of foreigners come to Nepal for just trekking.

It has a rich wildlife diversity

With all that hype about the Himalayan, one may think that the country’s beauty and tourism begins and ends with mountains. However, that is very far from the truth. Nepal has 12 national parks, 6 conservation areas, and 1 hunting reserve that will make you very confused about which one to choose for your trip. Luckily, no matter which one you choose, you will have the opportunity of witnessing at least one or two animals among the rare ones like Bengal tiger, snow leopard, one-horned rhino, and red panda. Very underrated, but these protected lands are also perfect for a serene and relaxing day of bird watching and butterfly-watching in Nepal trek.

It is a living cultural museum

More than 100 different ethnic groups reside in Nepal. These groups have their own set of languages, cultures, traditions, and heritages. While in Nepal, you will get the opportunity to indulge in the illustrious and historical culture of the Newars in Kathmandu and also experience the ancient BON religion and customs of the Himalayan region. No matter where you travel, you are bound to be taken aback by the vivid and rich culture of that place. However, one this is common in all – warm hospitality. You will be welcomed with the warmest smiles and receive most heartfelt invitations. I’m sure that these kinds of responses will enhance your Nepal visit by leaps and bounds.

It’s an adventurous playground

With all that geographical diversity we talked about in aforementioned paragraph, you can say that Nepal is nature’s best playground. No matter what your forte is, there is something for you. If you like rafting, you can choose from the one-day long rafting in white waters with very high currents to the ones that last for days in the deepest gorge of the world. That is just one example. You can embark on bungee, skydiving, kayaking, ziplining, ice climbing, mountain marathons, dirt biking, and so much more. And the bonus is that you can undertake any of these sports amidst the most stunning geographical locations. That is more than any adrenaline-lover could ever ask for.

Now is the best time to visit

The country so heavily relies on its tourism industry that when the earthquake hit it in 2015 and people stopped coming, its economy plummeted. At the end of the day, it is a fact that Nepal is a third-world country and millions of people here depend on tourism to full even bare minimum. If you are travelling and spending money in Nepal trek, you are injecting money directly into the very grassroots and much-needed areas of the economy. The trails have been fixed, the heritage sites are almost reconstructed, and most importantly, the country is once again completely able to host you and guarantee your safe-being. Thus, if you are planning to visit Nepal 2020 in future, this might be the most perfect timing you’ll ever get.


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