19th August 2018

Top 4 Tour Destinations For Visit Nepal 2020

If you are still unbeknownst to the beauty and magic of this beautiful nation, 2020 might just be the perfect time to come and experience it. Visit Nepal 2020 is a year-long tourism campaign by the Nepal Government to rehaul the country’s image on the world map as an ultimate travel and vacation destination. With an ambitious aim to welcome more than 20 million tourists, all parties, from Nepal government to travel agencies to individuals, have left no stone unturned to make your visit unmemorable and the year a grand success. In this blog we explore 4 popular tour destinations in Nepal to travel to in 2020.

UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Sites

Kathmandu Valley, once a prosperous medieval kingdom, has the world’s highest density of UNESCO cultural heritage sites. After you land in Nepal’s only international airport in Kathmandu, you can travel back in time and let the magic of these centuries old sites seep in.

You can visit the historical grounds of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan Durbar Square, which lie in the heart of each city. Walking through the old stone-paved lanes, where timeless stone and wood carvings of hundreds of Hindu and Tibetan deities welcome you, you can learn a lot about Nepal’s prosperous Malla Dynasty. Towering temples, intricately built stone taps and courtyards, and majestic palaces will leave you marveling at the unique and flawless Newari architecture.


A UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site as well, Lumbini is the historic birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha. One of the world’s most important, spiritual, and revered site, it welcomes millions of religious and spiritual devotees from all around the world every year.

In Lumbini, you can visit over 25 International Buddhist monasteries, study Buddhism, meditate. And visit the specific birthplace within the holy Mayadevi Gardens. According to the inscriptions on the Ashoka Pillar and several historians and archaeologists, 2,200 years old Maya Devi temple is the spot of Buddha’s birthplace from where the newly born prince took his first seven steps. If you are knitting a plan on travelling to exotic places in South Asia looking find to some Nirvana, you cannot miss on Lumbini.

Visit Nepal 2020


Dolpo Region

An underrated destination, but one of the most breathtakingly beautiful regions of Nepal, Dolpo was popularized by the award-winning film “Caravan” which showcases the untouched beauty of the region. Remote yet magical, Dolpo is confined by the Dhaulagiri range in the east and south, Mt. Sisne and Kanjiroba in the west, and Tibet in the north.

Trekking through the hidden valleys of Dolpa, visiting the ancient Shey Gompa Monastery, taking a dip in the icy waters of Phoksundo Lake, witnessing the yak caravans crossing high mountain passes, and visiting some of the highest settlements of the world are just some of the highlights of Dolpo trek. Isolated by the difficult topography, the region has preserved remarkable preserved its lifestyle and culture, remaining almost untouched by the elements of modern world.


If you looking to quench your thirst for the wild nature, Chitwan National Park is where you should be. Located in the southern plains of Nepal, the dense jungles of Chitwan National Park await you with a wildlife experience like no other what next then this up coming visit nepal 2020 for your best plan holidays.

Following the royal Bengal tigers watching one-horned rhinos bathe in rivers with Asiatic elephants in a jeep safari or on an Elephant’s back like old times is truly a special and un unforgettable experience. Another exciting experience is to go canoeing in the marshy Terai river and watching hundreds of marsh mugger crocodiles basking in the sun.


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