13th December 2017

Help Nepal Association

Help Nepal association is a non-government organization founded by group of like-minded people in 1997 Feb24th, with an objective of helping helpless children of Nepal, specially residing in countryside of Nepal in primary education aspect. This NGO has been run by Plan Holidays Travel & Tours initiatives.

Nepal is under developing country where government resources are not adequate in many sectors of development. Primary educations sector in Nepal are really lacked behind as they are not well equipped by primary physical requirements like physical building, Chairs, Table, Library & so on.

The main objective of this organization is to help the helpless children of remote villages of Nepal. In the beginning, we wanted to help few number of children who were poor, & from socially & economically backward community. While visiting a school in 1997 in sagunTole, Chitwan ( National Primary School, Padampur, later Saguntole) we saw the bad state of the school where there were no proper building, children were in the temporary learning center ( in a domestic hut ) , we were asked to find the help for building as concrete block . We approached one of our guest, later became very good friend, Mr Toshiho Tanaka from Japan who was very generous to collect some money, he could arrange some money with that money we erected 2 roomed block, that how HNA 1st project started. In subsequent years we built 01 school in 01 year at least, so far we have been able to build more than 20 primary schools in Nepal. Now we are working together with Help Nepal association Japan, a nonprofit organization & Help Nepal association in coordination.


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