14th August 2019

Choosing Between Hiking, Trekking or Peak Climbing

Hiking, trekking or peak climbing, also known in some places as mountaineering are three different words that mean almost synonymous to a large number of people. On paper, however, the differences are quite noticeable and should be kept in mind when choosing any one of them. So, to understand completely, you first need to have an idea between the significant differences in them. Thus, we will be explaining them very briefly for you to develop a plan.


trekking alone

Major Differences between The Three

The type of terrain, difficulty level, and the equipment used account for the differences in them. Hiking means only an act of walking on clearly indicated trails without needing any climbing skills or equipment. Trekking, on the other hand, is a bit rough; there are no well-established trails, the terrain may be rough making it more difficult, but it too does not require any technical skills or special equipment and lasts for more than two days usually. Peak climbing, on the other hand, is entirely different. It needs specialized equipment, technical skills, and the right fitness level. Now that we have basic knowledge, so let’s decide what you should pick.

trekking with guides

trekking with guides

Are You a Leisure Time Hiker?

If you are looking to spend your precious leisure time walking up mountains, hiking should be your instant pick. You can start from one-day hikes, and then after some successful trips, you can increase the number of days as your body gets more used to it.

Duration of the Trip

How many days are you planning to spend on your trip? If you don’t have much time and are looking for something to be completed within two days, hiking should be it. If you want to go for a longer time and not to look for a considerable difficulty, then you could go for a trek, and finally, if you have the skills and you have months to spend, there can be nothing more enjoyable than peak climbing.

Medical and Physical Fitness

These two key factors are probably the most important ones to bear in mind for your very own safety purposes. As you may not be conscious of it, but peak climbing requires a great combination of excellent medical and physical fitness. It demands very long endurance training sessions as well as other technical training so you can’t just go straight up without having all of it or you may have to face severe problems caused by high altitudes, varying temperatures, unpredictable weather along with other technical issues.

cycling tour

cycling tour

Equipment You Are Willing to Use

The gear you have is essential, as well. While you don’t need anything for hiking, you may need some elementary equipment for trekking. And as for peak climbing, it’s a different thing. You need exceptional gear, and you have to know how to use them like fixing of ropes, using crampons, etc.

equipment for trekking

equipment for trekking


we are pretty sure you have already decided what you want and made up your mind. Now It’s easy Choosing Between Hiking, Trekking or Peak Climbing. If it’s a leisure time walk to see nature, go hiking. If you’re going to approach the countryside and increase the duration and adventure of your trip and you’re somewhat physically fit too, go trekking. However, if you have had adequate training and equipment, and have a lot of time and want to see the beauty of the mountains to the most and stand at its summit, go for peak climbing without having any second thoughts.



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