16th January 2018

What is the best time of year to visit Nepal?

Nepal is a landlocked country in between India and China. Anyone visiting Nepal will be mesmerized by the diversity, culture, religion, and nature.

Because of the cultural diversity, numerous activities are performed throughout the year. Geographically, it is divided into three regions – Mountain, Hilly, and Terai. The drastic altitude and climate changes can be witnessed in these regions. Besides, that weather is the most important part for the travelers.

Due to the Geographical structure, climate varies from one place to another. The northern part of Nepal experience cool summer and extremely cold winters. While on the southern side winters are mild and summers are very hot.

4 Major Seasons in Nepal for the travelers:

Spring: (March-May)
It is one of the popular seasons to visit Nepal. Along with the start of the spring, the temperature starts getting warmer and days are also longer. But during the nights it still remains chilly and cool. And the beautiful view of the rhododendrons blooming in the hills definitely is breathtaking.

Besides that one visiting during this season, will also be able to celebrate the Holi- festival of colors. It is celebrated all around Nepal in March. It is also the best time to explore the wildlife in Nepal. Visiting national parks will make you encounter numerous animals, birds, flora, and fauna during this time.

Summer /Monsoon: (June – August)
This is not so a favorable month for the trekkers. It is extremely hot and dusty during summer, temp raises up to 30 °C. Weather is quite unpredictable during these months as it is also the season for rainfall. It does not rain all day long but rainfall is almost like every day during monsoon.

Anyone visiting Nepal during this season can travel for sightseeing around the valley.

Autumn: (Sept – Nov)
Weather during Sept – Nov is clear and dry. This is the best season for trekking and mountaineering. Bidding goodbyes to the rains, autumn welcomes with the beautiful clear skies, fresh air and mesmerizing views. The climate during this season is neither too cold nor too hot. Which makes it easier for the trekkers to climb the peaks with great visibility.

Major festival of Nepalese, Dashain and Tihar also falls in between Sept – Oct. One’s visiting during these months will be able to witness the cultural diversity and enjoy the festival as well.

Winter: (Dec – Feb)
Winters in Nepal are also not favorable for the trekking. Cold breezes and snowfall make it difficult for trekkers. Snowfalls can be witnessed on the mountain regions but it never snows in Kathmandu. It is sunny and pleasant during day but the temp drops significantly during nights. Temperature can fall below 0 degrees during nights.
January is the coldest month during this season.

Visiting Bardia national park and Chitwan national park for sight-seeing is popular during this season.


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