15th June 2018

Best places to try street food in Nepal

Not so famous on the international scene, Nepalese cuisine is defined by its lentils and soups, spicy curries and famous momos: Tibetan dumplings made with Indian spices. Gastronomical delicacies like yak curry and buffalo steak are Nepalese staple too.

While most food here have their roots in Indian, Tibetan and even Thai cuisine, over the time, these dishes have been infused with an unmistakable Nepalese twist.  To go truly local, throw aside the cutlery and use the eating tools at the end of your arms. Here we have listed down five best places to try street food in Nepal.

Shandar Momo, Basantapur

Momos are undoubtedly the most popular snack in Nepal and can be found in street stalls or small eateries a bit everywhere along the Kathmandu streets. While you will come across several of these restaurants which can be identified by big aluminum pan with several trays resting in front of the shop, Shandar Momo near the durbar square plaza is very popular and few benchs available will probably be full, forcing you to eat while standing. While restaurants are doing all kinds of experiments with the dish like chocolate momo, the authentic, local taste of momos found in old parts of Kathmandu likeShandar Momo are still a front runner by a long mile.

Lahana, Kirtipur

It is safe to say that Newari cuisine is the most rich and popular cuisine amongst ethnic groups of Nepal. Its popularity transcends Newari households which is evident in the number of Newari restaurants found in every nook and corner of country. Lahana in Kirtipur is one such example. Be it weekdays or weekends, it is always swarmed with hundreds of foodies trying to pick a dish from menu featuring hundreds of food items. What’s even more impressive is the fact that Lahana is a cooperative restaurant operated by the local women of the old town.

Fishtail Food Park, Pokhara

While the number one tourist city of Nepal is dotted with several posh continental restaurants, the street food market quintessentially thrives in Pokhara. The humble eatery Fishtail Food Park has become the most famous stick food joint in the city. They serve a variety of street foods ranging from chicken legs to roasted potatoes. Most of these dishes have been inspired by Chinese street food scene but come with tasty and distinguishable Nepali taste. These deep-fried delicacies with generous amount of spices have quickly carved a name for themselves as go-to food at a low budget for the locals.

Hot Momo Corner, Birgunj

Birgunj isn’t exactly famous as a tourist destination, but since it borders India, majority of Indian tourists enter the country via this thriving commercial city. Since it is densely inhabited by Nepali Muslims, it is famous for their rich and elaborate cuisine. One such example is Hot Momo Corner although the word “Momo” suggests otherwise. It is especially famous for ShilaBagedi, slowly cooked delicacy made from sparrows. Well, if you are battling your morals against whether or not to eat sparrows, there are plenty of other equally tasty dishes like sekuwa and kebabs readily available for order.

Photo Credit: Discovering Nepal Street Food


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