31st August 2018

Types of Hotel and Ranges you can stay in Nepal

Finding the perfect hotel while travelling has never been easy.  The budget constraint, mixed feeling reviews on trip advisors, confused reservations, bread and breakfast availability on time are some of many queries which one might have while choosing a hotel to stay in Nepal. You wonder if the hotels in Nepal can provide you with the all-round dream stay in Nepal which you had imagined before coming to Nepal. Nepal has wide ranges of hotels when it comes to the price and service ranges.

Here are the types of hotel and their price ranges for your pleasant stay in Nepal.

Five star for the affluent

There are more than 8 Five star hotels in Nepal. Among these, most of them are located in the capital city, Kathmandu. SoalteeCrowne Plaza, Hotel Annapurna, Hotel Yak and Yeti and Hyatt Regency are some of the big names in the Five star Hotel category in Kathmandu. These hotels offer the best of best services for the compulsive spending travellers. If you are a person who has keen interest in casinos then these 5 star hotels are the only ones for you. These hotels include exclusive suites, swimming pools and fine diners in Nepal. As per their provision in amenity, their price range too bears a handsome figure. Hotel Price ranges from NRs 10,000 to NRs 50,000 as per the amenities.

Four star Hotels

There are numerous Four star hotels in Nepal. Hotels of this class are mostly present in the major cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan where there is major inflow of tourists all year round. These hotels are well endowed with beautiful views of the mountains and valleys. These hotels are mostly situated in the outskirts of the city areas where one can find harmonious and serene atmosphere. Fine dining, swimming pools, beautiful gardens, easy access to every needs and warm hospitality are the main features of the four star hotels. However, these hotels do not have the casinos for the guests. The price of the 4 star hotel ranges from NRs 5,000 to NRs. 14,000 as per their amenities.

Three star hotels

Likewise the 4 star hotels, 3 star hotels in Nepal too bear the same amenities for their guests. Only because of the minimum threshold of the no of rooms and spaces as required by the hoteling standards, these hotels are categorized on the three star categories. However, some of the three star hotels have the commensurate standard of services just like the four star hotels. You can get the fresh foods with every kind of palette in these Three star hotels. Continental dishes, Chinese food, Indian and Nepali food are the delicacies you can find voiced in their menus.  These hotel prices range from NRs 2200 to NRs 8000 as per their amenities.

Two star hotels

If you are looking for budget hotels to stay in Nepal then these are the ones for you. The two star hotels have an affordable marked price. Good food with basic menus, clean rooms, warm water facility and Wi-Fi accessibility are the basic features of the two star hotels. They also provide you with the permits for trekking services, flight ticket reservations and transportation vehicles with a value added charge. These hotel prices range from NRs 1000 to NRs 2500 for a night stay as per their amenities. However, some may include the bread and breakfast along with the charge.


These are the kinds of the homes which you usually find in the trekking regions of Nepal.  These homestays are the house of the host family. The guests have to eat what the family eats so there is limited choice in the menu for the guests. However, you get to experience the Nepalese way of living which has its own unique experience. Prices are very less in comparison to the hotels in the cities. The price ranges from NRs 500 to NRs 1000.


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