5th March 2018

5 Romantic Travel Destinations in Nepal For Your Honeymoon

Be it your honeymoon trip or a visit to renew your vows, there is no other country in the world that will offer you an ambience or a suitable setting like Nepal does. Nestled in the mountains, the country will leave you baffled by the beauty it contains despite its size. Be it watching the sunset paint the peaks tangerine, embark on an elephant safari to the enchanting jungles, or just simply spend the time of your lives with your beloved, Nepal has a host of destinations awaiting you to create wonderful, romantic memories. Here we have listed five romantic travel destinations in Nepal to make the most out of your romantic getaway.


Pokhara, the numerouno Nepalese tourist hotspot is also the country’s most popular romantic destination. Here, you will come across several doting couples of all age groups – from newlyweds on their honeymoons to couples seeking a much-needed break from living on fast lane. Pokhara offers you with an array of romantic tourist activities to indulge in like boating in serene lakes in the evening time, watching panoramic sunset and sunrise views on glistening mountains, or simply exploring the city’s iconic landmarks. On top of that, the city’s friendly and hospitable people; and luxury hotels and eateries make your stay even more outstanding.


A mere two-hour drive from Kathmandu, Nagarkot is only second to Pokhara. In addition to its close proximity to the capital, Nagarkot’s unmatchable surrounding and setting sees it welcome thousands of couples every year. It is especially famous for its incredible sunset/sunrise views and the views of Himalayan range stretching from east to west. Nagarkot strikes a perfect balance between calmness, peace, and greenery to transport you into nature’s lap from the hectic city life. It is especially suitable for couples that cannot afford long length of time but want to rejoice some quality time with the loved one.


Shadowed by the hills and mountains are Nepal’s majestic jungles in the Terai region. Bardiya, the largest national park in the country is also Nepal’s highly gratifying yet underrated honeymoon destination. Exploring the wildlife on an elephant’s back, witnessing rich Nepalese wildlife in all its glory, and indulging in experiences like birdwatching, butterfly watching, and water canoeing are some of the most unique things to experience with your lover.


Bandipur is a small yet a culturally endowed hilltop destination that will make you want to sit back and relax. Positioned in between the tall hills between the Kathmandu-Pokhara Highway, Bandipur is a living museum which has impressively preserved ancient Newari architecture and lifestyle. It is especially visible in the intricately built buildings which now operate as lodges and inns. This way, visitors can experience an authentic Newari style hospitality. Also, the morning views of the river beneath and the hills and mountains aiming for the sky will make, visit to Siddha cave and hike to Ramkot village are some wonderful activities to indulge in.


Very less frequented, Daman is one of the most highly underrated places to visit for romantic getaways in Nepal. Set in a remote location, it doesn’t look any less than a film set for a fairytale movie. Far from the hustles and bustles of the city life, it is also seeing less number of tourists visiting which makes it perfect to spend some alone time with your lover. One of the main attractions of Daman visit is the scenic view of Himalayan range ranging from Mt. Everest to Mt. Dhaulagiri.


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