8th September 2019

6 Best things to do in Pokhara

Pokhara is the most famous destination in Nepal, which has attracted the attention of many tourists. Pokhara valley is a beautiful place, full of lakes and people can see Himalayan range from there. It is famous for extreme sports like bungee jumping, rafting, and canoeing. If you are confused about what to do in Pokhara then here is the list of top 6 Best things to do in Pokhara to make your trip more memorable. 

Morning burning mountain

Burning mountain morning view


Top 6 things to do in Pokhara 

1. Explore Pokhara on bike

Exploring the city on a bike is the most awesome experience one can get. You can go to many further places on a bike. It is better than both a bicycle and a car. So make the team and rent a bike. The view of Himalayas is not seen from Kathmandu, so enjoy the breathtaking views while you are on a bike.

2. Boating in scenic Phewa Lake 

Nepal is famous for its historical places. Tal Barahi temple is a very beautiful temple which is located in the middle of Phewa Lake. The lake itself is very scenic and gives an eye-catching view. Many people like to visit the temple, and the only way to reach there is by boat. So boating in a scenic Phewa Lake is probably the best thing to do while you are in Pokhara. 

Fewa Lake

Fewa lake view from Sarangkot

3. Visit peace Stupa

Peace Stupa is a kind of temple located at the top of a small mountain. There are probably only two ways to reach it. One by trekking for hours which has its benefits and the other is by boat. Many people love trekking, while others love boating. So it is convenient for both as there are facilities. 

4. Don’t forget bat cave

Are you scared of bats? Well, there is a cave in Pokhara, known as a bat cave. It is a dark cave which has bats all over its roof. In Nepal people call this place as Chamero Gufa. It looks very unreal and fascinating. It is also dangerous sometimes because bats love animals and human blood. There is no safety check at all and everyone is responsible for their own life. But you get to interact closely with the bats which are no doubt a shocking thing.

5. Enjoy the sunset at Sarangkot viewpoint

If you come to Pokhara and leave without seeing the sunset at the viewpoint, then you have missed everything. You can go to the top on a bike for a nice bird’s eyes views. You can see incredible views from up there and observe Mother Nature. 

6. Chill at Begnas Lake

Many people don’t like to mix with the crowd and wants a peaceful place for a nice walk with their loved ones. Begnas Lake is the place you are looking for. It is a peaceful lake where you can relax and chill without being disturbed. Not many tourists visit this place, but you can see locals washing their clothes, self fishing with hooks and even using small boats for fishing. You can also hire a motorboat and admire the beauty of the mountains. 

Begnas Lake

Begnas lake Pokhara Hidden lake


Pokhara is a city worth visiting. It has several activities to do, and these are some top activities you can do during your stay.


Lake and boat pokhara




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