2nd February 2018

5 Important Tips For Visiting Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu is nothing like your capital city. No looming skyscrapers and infinite stretches of roads. No illuminating city lights at midnight hour to camouflage the night. And most importantly, the city hasn’t turned into a concrete jungle with all modern luxuries in palms of hands but sans a soul. For many, stepping off the plane for the first time into Kathmandu is an overwhelming overload of sensory experiences. Whether you are barreling your way through the traffics of stone-paved old towns, gaping at historical marvels, or dodging trekking touts in the rambler district of Thamel, Kathmandu will be an intoxicating, enthralling and unforgettable experience. Here we have listed 5 things to know before you schedule Kathmandu tour to ensure it is a beautiful one.

Getting around in two-wheelers

Four-wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul. It is especially true in case of Kathmandu’s narrow, crowded, but vibrant streets. On top of that, the traffic is unreliable. If you like to reach your destinations at a time, make the most out of it, and not waste hours wallowing in Kathmandu’s traffic, rent a cycle or motorbike. You can get them conveniently on an hourly and daily basis at cheap prices around the city. Also, it is much more fun to carve your way through the bustling old streets dotted with old vendors, colorful rickshaws, and young school children.

Capturing your moments

With a hundred-year-old temple in every nook and a festival procession going on in every corner, Kathmandu is an open, living museum it itself. The city is also a good place to hone your photography skills with so many subjects to photograph. It’s wise to bring a good camera that will do justice to the city’s beautiful landscapes and landmarks. However, note that it is prohibited to fly a drone in Kathmandu sky and might result in getting your gadget confiscated.

Knowing your festive timing

The native land to Nepal’s cultural maestros Newars, Kathmandu valley boasts of such elaborate history and culture that will blow your mind. The city celebrates unique festivals with medieval roots throughout the year. If you plan your visit during one the city’s major festivals, it’ll be the most amazing way to get under the city’s skin. For instance, the glorious Indra Jatra falls in September, the biggest festival of Dashain falls in October, and the colorful festival of Holi falls in March.

Planning your accommodation

Kathmandu is not only Nepal’s administrative capital, but also a tourist hotcake. Resultantly, it is home to an array of accommodation houses ranging from international hotel chains to homestays operating in hundreds of years old historic homes. Similarly, there is also a whole part of town dotted with cheap hotels and inns dedicated to 70’s hippy lifestyle, as well as cozy homes for paying guests.

Weather in Katmandu

One of the best things about Kathmandu is its weather. It is never too hot, never too cold, or in short, never too extreme. As opposed to the freezing climate of north and sweltering heat of the south, its safe to say that Kathmandu is blessed with natural air conditioner. Spring is a wonderful time to visit, but then almost every season is. Goes without saying, but do your research and bring appropriate clothing to enrich your experience further!


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